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Food Lists

Paleo/Primal Food Shopping List

If you were on a trip to stock a paleo kitchen you could buy:

Refrigerated departments (or buy from specialty stores):

fresh meat (without nitrates, and preferrablt grass-fed)
fish and shellfish (preferrably wild)
eggs (preferrably pasture fed)
orange and some other 100% juices are not paleo

Store Interior:

coconut milk (no preservatives, no guar-gum)
Thai curry paste
water chestnuts in water (paleo? use for what?)
olive oil, preferably first cold press
Starkist "Low Sodium - Low Fat" tuna, or tuna in olive oil
 health food stores have other brands that are salt-free
other canned fish in olive oil or water, preferrably no salt added
tomato paste/sauce (must not have flavorings or natural flavors, nor salt)
unsweetened applesauce ("natural") [homemade is better with ample cinnamon]
green tea (or loose at the natural foods store)
bottled spring water

Health Food Store:

nuts (raw, but not cashews or peanuts)
nut butters
dried fruit (raisins, apricots, cherries, dates, etc.)
organic fruit and vegetables
unsweetened coconut flakes
coconut oil
tuna (more no-salt, in water options)
honey (optional, raw unfiltered only)

Mail Order:

nut flours (almond, pecan, and chestnut) and at the
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Menu Suggestions

Paleo Thanksgiving Menu

stuffed mushrooms
sliced vegetables with pesto and beef liver pate
mixed salad with pomegranate dressing
roast turkey with apple and sausage stuffing
porcini mushroom gravy
spiced cranberry sauce
steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce
mashed cauliflower
pumpkin pie with hazelnut crust and walnut whipped cream

The mushroom appetizers were a last minute addition, using up leftover mushrooms from the salad and leftover stuffing. They turned out to be the most popular appetizer, so I would plan for these next time around and make more. Also, I would add another vegetable side dish, as the asparagus just wasn't enough.

By Bruce Sherrod. Posted to the PaleoRecipe Mailing List, Dec. 2000
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Variety Trouble: Menu Ideas

Breakfast (not a menu here, just a collection of ideas):
-Smoothie made with coconut milk, soft boiled eggs, fruit and optional honey
-"Granola" made with toasted or dried nuts, dried or fresh fruit or berries, with coconut milk or a touch of pure maple syrup on top
-Ask your butcher for "breakfast steaks", these are great with eggs
-check the archive here for Sean Townsend's breakfast sausage recipe. Vary the recipe each time you prepare it (use a different meat, different herb).
I broke down and got some eggs- had to literally hide them from Zoe- and tried his Scotch Eggs recipe. It was really delicious!
-there is a recipe for paleo bars. These are great!
-try fresh fish or even soups for breakfast.

-sashimi or no-rice maki rolls
-homemade roast beef slices
-try fresh wild salmon on your salad instead of tuna. Wild salmon is in season now. Just buy a skin-on fillet, place on a piece of foil to bake. When it's done, you can flake it off of its skin- cleanup's a cinch.
-vary the greens in your salad. Perhaps try sea vegetable salads.

By Stacie Tolen. Posted to the PaleoRecipe Mailing List, July 2001
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Quick Kid-Friendly Breakfast Foods

>I have two children who aren't keen on eggs for breakfast. Does anyone have
>some suggestions for quick kid-friendly breakfast foods? Or maybe something
>I could make ahead?

Pork chops or little pork steaks with cooked applesauce (being paleo allows you to drop the notion of "for breakfast only" foods. You'll find yourself serving dinners in the A.M.; ground lamb and peas sautéed with a bit of curry and tomato paste; steak and eggs (you could drop the eggs); fried rice with chicken, beef or pork and lots of veggies (I don't sweat the rice, especially if its brown rice and it gets the boys to eat lots of brocolli. Fried rice also allows you to sneak egg into it); sautéed chicken livers (yep, believe it or not, they love 'em). Leftover meatloaf with scramlbed eggs on the side. For starchier breakfasts, I'll serve boiled yam rounds topped with cinammon and lots of butter. I also accompany some meals with fried plaintains. They're a bit hit.

By Judy Genova. Posted to the PaleoRecipe Mailing List, Oct. 2001
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Judy Genova's Menu Suggestions

Here's a typical breakfast for me:

2 free range eggs - lightly scrambled in unrefined coconut butter or organic butter
2 cups steamed dark leafy greens (mustard, collards, brocolli)
2-4 ounces steamed yam topped with small amount of butter or boiled plaintains with butter
1 tsp. Carlson's Cod Liver oil or Flax oil drizzled on greens
1 organic kiwi, or 1/2 organic orange
1 cup green tea

I can go 5 hours on this meal, and then usually want a not so big lunch. (maybe bowl of chicken soup cooked with cartilage, carrots, dill, parsnips, chicken meat), or can of sardines, 1/2 avocado and apple.


4-6 ounces meat or fish (either stew, broiled, baked)
Cucumbers, tomato and onion salad with olive oil and lemon sautéed eggplant, or some cooked veggie with butter or oil (asparagus, brussel sprouts, etc.) or maybe cooked in canned coconut milk (carrot, cauliflower, taro root curry).

organic apple slices with raw organic almond butter or mango slices and banana with warmed coconut milk and cardamon

I recommend going to your local butcher and getting free beef marrow and shoulder bones and boiling them to make stock. Freeze stock in ziplock bags, and you will have the basis for lots of great, nutritious soups and stews. You can also freeze the stock into ice cube trays. Then, anytime you cook the kids veggies, just pop out a cube or too, and you can sneak lots of nutrients into their food. Sneaky is the key!!!!!!

I do not recommend a low carb approach to paleo. Its not worked for me, and I know it certainly doesn't work for active kids. The way you will keep your kids from being unhappy and feeling deprived is to give them lots of fat. Don't be afraid of meat fat or chicken skins or coconut butter as long as its from organic sources. Egg yolks should be dark orange. Butter from grass fed cows is dark yellow. Fat on a grass fed cow is dark yellow. Eat guacamole. Avocados are a great source of healthy fat.
Kids who are fat deficient will instinctively look all day long for missing essential fatty acids (as will their adult counterparts!). That's why most people snack all day on empty calories.....

Learn to make delicous smoothies. I use a whole mango (peeled), 1 banana, 1/2 cup canned coconut milk, 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1 TB raw almond butter. You can sneak a raw egg into this for your kids. You can also sneak Cod Liver oil into it. Carlsons is the best. The lemon flavored is the least offensive I've ever had, and many on the paleo list will concur.

By Judy Genova. Posted to the PaleoRecipe Mailing List, Oct. 2001
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Typical Days

Hans Kylberg

>Would you mind posting a typical day's meals?

There are no typical days. Every day is new adventure, and the outcome of that days hunting and gathering rules the meals :-) If there is salmon of the special "guarantee" farmed kind that I prefer then I will have raw salmon for dinner. If there is wild boar side pork I will fry and eat about 1/3 - 1/2 kilo of that. If there is some fruit or veggie fine and cheap, I will have some of that. It is also depending of if it is a workday, a day with a trip into the archipelago, a day in a hurry, or a rainy day together with the computers.

Usually only a glass of spring water for breakfast, sometimes a grapefruit. Today a mixture of fruits and nuts and some elk jerky. For lunch usually jerky, mostly elk, often with some mixed in green vegetables and spiced with thyme and angelica or similar. Sometimes a jar of sardines togther with jerky. Fruit afterwards. Dinner often some cooked animal food, and when preparing that some broccoli cabbage, carrot or similar. Fruit and nuts afterwards, and as snack. Before bed a grapefruit. Also I eat my special jerky as snack. Sometimes I have (again my special) olive oil pemmican instead of the jerky for lunch. I never cook vegetables apart from onion, and sometimes carrot (only for salmon soup and similar).

The recent days I seem to have a lowered treshold for allergy, so apples and nuts, wich I usually eat lots of, but probably am a little allergic to, is lowered on my diet in favor for plums, pears and dates.

Today I am putting a lamb steak in the oven, so that will be both lunch and dinner, unless I eat the salmon soup left over from yesterday. Probaly there will be cabbage with it. Yesterday I picked lingonberries so some of them will go down my throat as well :-)
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Richard Keene Usual Diet

My usual Paleo diet is:
- Lots of read meat, especially beef.
- Bacon and Eggs, with occasional cheese omelets, lots of butter. [not GRAP]
- Roast Pork
- A little chicken or turkey
- 1 lb. Salmon once a week cooked on the backyard grill.
- About 7 apples a day
- About 3 pears a day
- One HUGE salad of lettuce (various types), raw broccoli, occasional tomatoes, olive oil.
- A lot of salt on the meats and salad.
- Odds and ends, strawberries if there any good that day, blueberries, radishes, cucumber, melons, onions, garlic.
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Richard Keene Two Days Ago

Bacon eggs for breakfast [bacon not GRAP]
frozen berries
Pork roast
1.5 lb salmon for dinner
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Richard Keene Yesterday

Sunday, a lazy at home day so ate a lot...
Bacon, eggs cooked in bacon grease. [bacon not GRAP]
Lots of strawberries
2 apples
some walnuts
about 2 pounds of beef
a banana (with a little chocolate surup on it, a banana split without the dairy)
a HUGE salad. (lettuce, brocolli, celery, olive oil)
a tomato
frozen berries mix. blueberry, strawberries, raspberries.
One little chocolate easter egg.
Ran 3.5 miles, 15 pushups
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Richard Keene Today

At work so tightly controlled eating.
scrambled eggs for breakfast
lunch: about 3/4 lb. beef
dinner: (planned) A hugh salad, beef, nuts, frozen berries
No excersize, rest a lot.
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Richard Keene's Daily Diet

Here is my daily diet, more or less, since it varies quite a bit.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of water. I have a Brita water filter at home and at the office.

If doing very low carb, vitamin and mineral capsules.

Bacon and Eggs for breakfast, or skip breakfast if "overweight" that morning. 1/2 package of bacon, 6 eggs. My kids mooch some so I don't always get to eat it all. [bacon not GRAP]

Lunch, either meat (large steak, porkchops, what is available, or a HUGE salad, lettuce, avocado, celery, try to use lots of diferent kinds of lettuces. Sometimes radishes or other variants. Olive oil, salt on the salad. Sometimes dried onion on the salad.

Dinner, same as lunch but if I had salad for lunch then I eat meat. etc.

Once a day, some berries, frozen unless in season.

Sometimes a fruit like an apple, peach, grapes. These tend to be high carb, so if I'm trying to get weight down I eat less of these. Bananas seem OK at one a week.

Snack on nuts, not too much though.

Some times I eat dates or other dried fruit.

Midnight snack of a few strips of bacon but not too often. [bacon not GRAP]
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Lynnet Bannion's Typical Day

Breakfast: around an ounce of nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, or almonds (raw) or carob goodie (unsweetened carob, pecan meal and coconut oil)

Snacks: raw nuts or dry unsweetened coconut, an ounce or so

Lunch: big green salad, with assorted veggies: a little carrot or tomato, avocado, radish, cucumber, whatever I have on hand. Sometimes no dressing, sometimes a little homemade olive oil and vinegar dressing; about 4 oz. of meat: usually leftover, roast pork or lamb, chicken, turkey, occasionally sardines in olive oil.

Supper: Either another green salad, or some cooked veggie dish: zucchini, broccoli, onion, cooked greens, cauliflower, or other lo-carb vegetable, cooked in olive oil with herbs, maybe tomato. Another 4-5 oz of meat: pork, lamb, occasionally beef, salmon, chicken, turkey; rarely paleo chili. Some nights I have some berries or an apple or pear or a couple of plums.

Pork and lamb are organic from a local farm, also chicken and turkey; veggies mostly organic, as much as I can get. Rarely, not more than once a week, I'll have a couple of eggs.
Eating out, I usually choose beef (obviously, not organic).

It doesn't amount to a lot of calories (1200-1400 usually), but it is quite satisfying to me.
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Susan Carmack Yesterday

Yesterday I wrote everything down that I ate:

pemmican 2 pieces
one shrimp
fruitshake - blueberries, banana, orange, egg
5 eggs
2 dates
liver - 2 pieces
raw honey
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Clelia's Daily Meals


1 cup of billberry tea
a large salad with extra virgin olive oil
1 hard boil egg (2 X a week)
1 apple

1 cup herbal tea either burdock or licorice

1 cup herbal tea
a large salad with olive oil
fish (baked or broiled)
1 apple

1 cup herbal tea

1 cup herbal tea
alternate between NZ lamb or fish or chicken or rabbit
a large salad
1 apple

1 cup of herbal tea

You are probably wondering why I don't eat any nuts with my snacks, the answer is that I don't digest them properly. I also limit my food intake because I was putting on a lot of weight do to my thyroids.
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Thomas Bridgeland Typical Day

Typical. Well, start with some eggs, two or three, plus bacon for breakfast, fried in olive oil. Often some veggies like carrots or greens if there is some leftover from the evening. Maybe a handful of nuts. Maybe a cup of milk if the kids left some undrunk.

I often don't eat breakfast, if I had a late night snack I usually don't feel hungry till lunch.

Lunch is usually a steak, or pork chops, in the early afternoon, after running. Whether I eat breakfast or not does not seem to affect my running energy much.

Dinner is a big meat meal, steak, chicken or pork, sometimes a little fish, with half a dozen mixed veggies. I often make chicken or beef stew, with a bunch of veggies thrown in.

I eat fruit too, sometimes for dessert, or for snacks during the day. Fruit is probably my main carb. My snacks are not always paleo, I eat yogurt, chocolate, peanuts, berries with cream pretty often.

Generally, the more meat I eat the better my gut seems to feel, and constipation and other troubles disappear. As plant matter increases, especially high carb stuff, things get worse, gas, or constipation.
Even lots of low carb veggies are a little troublesome.

Posted to PaleoFood mailing list on 10 Feb 2003.
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