Thomas Bridgeland Typical Day

Thomas Bridgeland Typical Day

Typical. Well, start with some eggs, two or three, plus bacon for breakfast, fried in olive oil. Often some veggies like carrots or greens if there is some leftover from the evening. Maybe a handful of nuts. Maybe a cup of milk if the kids left some undrunk.

I often don't eat breakfast, if I had a late night snack I usually don't feel hungry till lunch.

Lunch is usually a steak, or pork chops, in the early afternoon, after running. Whether I eat breakfast or not does not seem to affect my running energy much.

Dinner is a big meat meal, steak, chicken or pork, sometimes a little fish, with half a dozen mixed veggies. I often make chicken or beef stew, with a bunch of veggies thrown in.

I eat fruit too, sometimes for dessert, or for snacks during the day. Fruit is probably my main carb. My snacks are not always paleo, I eat yogurt, chocolate, peanuts, berries with cream pretty often.

Generally, the more meat I eat the better my gut seems to feel, and constipation and other troubles disappear. As plant matter increases, especially high carb stuff, things get worse, gas, or constipation.
Even lots of low carb veggies are a little troublesome.

Posted to PaleoFood mailing list on 10 Feb 2003.