Hans Kylberg

Hans Kylberg

>Would you mind posting a typical day's meals?

There are no typical days. Every day is new adventure, and the outcome of that days hunting and gathering rules the meals :-) If there is salmon of the special "guarantee" farmed kind that I prefer then I will have raw salmon for dinner. If there is wild boar side pork I will fry and eat about 1/3 - 1/2 kilo of that. If there is some fruit or veggie fine and cheap, I will have some of that. It is also depending of if it is a workday, a day with a trip into the archipelago, a day in a hurry, or a rainy day together with the computers.

Usually only a glass of spring water for breakfast, sometimes a grapefruit. Today a mixture of fruits and nuts and some elk jerky. For lunch usually jerky, mostly elk, often with some mixed in green vegetables and spiced with thyme and angelica or similar. Sometimes a jar of sardines togther with jerky. Fruit afterwards. Dinner often some cooked animal food, and when preparing that some broccoli cabbage, carrot or similar. Fruit and nuts afterwards, and as snack. Before bed a grapefruit. Also I eat my special jerky as snack. Sometimes I have (again my special) olive oil pemmican instead of the jerky for lunch. I never cook vegetables apart from onion, and sometimes carrot (only for salmon soup and similar).

The recent days I seem to have a lowered treshold for allergy, so apples and nuts, wich I usually eat lots of, but probably am a little allergic to, is lowered on my diet in favor for plums, pears and dates.

Today I am putting a lamb steak in the oven, so that will be both lunch and dinner, unless I eat the salmon soup left over from yesterday. Probaly there will be cabbage with it. Yesterday I picked lingonberries so some of them will go down my throat as well :-)