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Chapter:Food Lists/Menus/Meal Plans
Section:Typical Days
Recipe:Richard Keene Usual Diet
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Richard Keene Usual Diet
My usual Paleo diet is:
- Lots of read meat, especially beef.
- Bacon and Eggs, with occasional cheese omelets, lots of butter. [not GRAP]
- Roast Pork
- A little chicken or turkey
- 1 lb. Salmon once a week cooked on the backyard grill.
- About 7 apples a day
- About 3 pears a day
- One HUGE salad of lettuce (various types), raw broccoli, occasional
tomatoes, olive oil.
- A lot of salt on the meats and salad.
- Odds and ends, strawberries if there any good that day, blueberries,
radishes, cucumber, melons, onions, garlic.