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Chapter: Food Lists/Menus/Meal Plans
Section: Typical Days
Recipe: Richard Keene's Daily Diet

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Richard Keene's Daily Diet
Here is my daily diet, more or less, since it varies quite a bit.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of water. I have a Brita water
filter at home and at the office.

If doing very low carb, vitamin and mineral capsules.

Bacon and Eggs for breakfast, or skip breakfast if "overweight" that
morning. 1/2 package of bacon, 6 eggs. My kids mooch some so I don't always
get to eat it all. [bacon not GRAP]

Lunch, either meat (large steak, porkchops, what is available, or a HUGE
salad, lettuce, avocado, celery, try to use lots of diferent kinds of
lettuces. Sometimes radishes or other variants. Olive oil, salt on the
salad. Sometimes dried onion on the salad.

Dinner, same as lunch but if I had salad for lunch then I eat meat. etc.

Once a day, some berries, frozen unless in season.

Sometimes a fruit like an apple, peach, grapes. These tend to be high carb,
so if I'm trying to get weight down I eat less of these. Bananas seem OK at
one a week.

Snack on nuts, not too much though.

Some times I eat dates or other dried fruit.

Midnight snack of a few strips of bacon but not too often. [bacon not GRAP]