PaleoFood: Processing Notes

Adding Recipes

Editing Ads

The ad system is controlled by two normalized tables, which have links to click on the Dashboard: And two buttons: Always save thumbnails at 100% quality. This allows one to pad the sides with no loss in quality

Generally thumbnails have a maximum height of 200 pixels. But it really depends on how it will fit on the page alongside the other ads. And how the image fits under the text. The image can be padded or sized to the text width. To find: Press Alt-Print Screen. Then paste into IrfanView. Draw a rectangle around the text and note the width.

When removing an ad, or resizing a thumbnail, try to delete all previous images.

Moving Recipes to a New Chapter [Not tested]

If moving within the chapter, you simply move the recipe in the chapter's table of contents.

The Dashboard button macro does the following: