Excel Editor for Delimited Files

Chapter Information
Topic is used for grouping the chapters on the home page.
Short Name is for now only used on the thumbnail recipes, which only one chapter has.
See raw data: Chapters.txt


Groups within Chapters
Only a few chapters have groups. In some chapters the first group does not have a title.
See raw data: Groups.txt


Sections Info
Every recipe has a section.
See raw data: Sections-Info.txt

Sections Info

Table of Contents
A mix of recipes and cross references. Cross references can be within a section, or between sections.
While processing, many columns are added to this array. And after the tables of contents are created, the cross references are removed.
See raw data: TableOfContents.txt


Photo Credits
If more than one recipe uses a photo, the photo is duplicated, as photo is by recipe name.
See raw data: PhotoCredits.txt


Thumbnail Data
For a collection of recipes where I point to the recipe at another site.
See raw data: ThumbnailData.txt