Spicy Okra - Masala Bhindi

Spicy Okra - Masala Bhindi

500 gms Medium Sized Bhindi (Okra)
2 Medium Onions
2-3 Tbsp Lemon Juice
1/2 Tsp Turmeric powder
1 Tsp Mango powder (Amchoor)
1 Tsp Red chili (optional)
1 Tsp Garam masala
3 Tbsps Oil
Salt to taste

Chop off the heads and tails of okra, Vertically cut okra into halves such that the piece remains intact.

Make a paste of turmeric powder, mango powder (amchoor), red chili, garam masala and salt and then stuff it into sliced okras and keep it aside.

Cut the onions and fry it till they turn golden brown.

Add sliced okra and fry till they turn crisp. Do not stir often as the okra will break open.

Serve with salad.

From: Best Desi Cooking [archive.org]
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