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Chapter: Sausage Making Recipes
Section: Fresh
Recipe: Liver Sausage

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Liver Sausage
Boil five pounds pork liver for one hour. Discard broth. Cover five pounds
lean pork and five pounds pork skin with water. Add 3 bay leaves, 6 whole
cloves, and 1 onion. Boil for 2 hours. Skim the fat from the broth. Remove
the meat and cool the broth. Grind the liver and the meat. Add salt,
pepper, and garlic, salt to taste. Add enough of the broth to moisten the
mixture well. Stuff into casings and boil one hour. Keep in refrigerator or
freezer. This recipe only makes enough to stuff about six casings. Don't
smoke liver sausage.

From: Old Fashioned Recipe Book by Carla Emery.
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