Sautéed Ramps in Guanciale

Sautéed Ramps in Guanciale

1 pound ramps, trimmed and cleaned
1/4 pound guanciale, small dice (Italian cured pork jowls)
freshly ground black pepper, to taste (optional)

To trim and clean the ramps, cut off the root end and submerge in a large bowl of cold water to dislodge trapped dirt, changing the water as many times as necessary. Rub the stalks gently with your fingertips to remove a thin and slippery outer layer, much like cleaning scallions.

Slice the ramps where the stalks and leaves meet. The stalks will be cooked a few minutes ahead of time.

In a heavy skillet over medium heat, cook the guanciale until light brown and crisp.

Add the ramp stalks and cook for a few minutes, just until tender. Add the ramp leaves and cook for about a minute, just until wilted. Taste and season with freshly ground pepper, if necessary.

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