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Chapter: Dehydrating Nuts, Seeds, Fruit and Vegetables: Recipes
Section: Fruit
Recipe: Walnut Apricot Cookies

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Walnut Apricot Cookies
2 cups Walnuts soaked overnight
1 cup Sweet and sour dried or fresh apricots
1 cup soaked Raisins (small cup)
2 overriped bananas

Blend till the crumby consistensy, use a spoon to spoon the batter out on a
dehydrator plastic tray. Dehydrate for 24 hours or until dry (do not
overdry) at the temperature of 105 F. Turn them over in 8-12 hours or when
you see that one side is dry enough. Experiment with your favorite nuts,
seeds and fruits. It is always good to use a combination of a fresh fruit
and some dried soaked fruits with nuts. For veggie/'salty' crackers use
sunflower seeds, they tend to give some salty flavor when dried. Of course,
you may use any other soaked nuts/seeds.

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