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Section: Heart
Recipe: Beefheart

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One beefheart
Fresh ground pepper, about 1/4 cup
4 large onions, sliced as thinly as possible.
2 garlic cloves very finely diced
Shallow pan large enough to hold the heart

Oven pre-heated to 250F. Mix the garlic and pepper together. Using a sharp
knife, cut down into the heart about 1". Carefully cut in a spiral towards
the center keeping the cuts 1" apart. Lay the heart out in one long strip.
Spead the pepper/garlic mix evenly over the meat. It will be a very thin
layer and does not have to coat the entire heart. The idea is to not have
any clumps of the mix. Evenly layer the thinly-sliced onion on the heart.
Roll the heart back together, jelly roll fashion. Secure with twine. Put
heart into the shallow pan and put into the oven. Using a meat thermometer
to determine internal temperature, cook until:

     Rare (red center) - 110F
     Med rare (still red center, but shading towards pint) - 120F
     Med (pink center) - 135F
     Med Well ( a little pink in the center) - 145F
     Well Done (no pink at all) - 160F

When internal temperature reaches desired level, remove from oven and cover
lightly with foil.  The heat in the center will continue to rise for
another 5F. Times will be determined by the size of the heart.  Since I eat
mine very rare, it only takes a couple of hours.

From: James Franklin on the PaleoFood list. Posted 3 June 1999.
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