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Section: Heart
Recipe: Captain Beef Heart, not!

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Captain Beef Heart, not!
This is just my preference, but with most big animal hearts (beef, bison,
deer, pork, etc.) I just either throw it whole in a crock pot with a little
water and roast it slowly all day, or else I oven roast it at around 275 F.
for an hour or two, depending on the size. Kind of just like a roast --
toss in an onion, maybe some carrots, parsely, parsnips, chunked rutabaga
-- whatever you like. Makes a delicious broth too. If you want to be fancy,
you can go to the trouble of cutting out the rubbery vessels first and
stuffing the chopped veggies inside and roasting it that way. (Sorry I
have nothing fancier for you, but hearts were always my favorite organ
meat, and I think they're just yummy plain with a dash of salt.)

From: P & L Ventura on PaleoFood list. Posted 7 Aug 2000.
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