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Section: Heart
Recipe: Beef Heart

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Beef Heart
Beef heart (or deer heart) is excellent! We slice it very thin and saute it
in some oil with the regular seasonings-- garlic, salt, pepper, etc. We have
also "breaded" it by dipping slices in egg, then in crushed pork rinds and
then fry it up. Takes a little longer to cook, because it is very lean.
Just use it in any way you'd use a tougher cut of meat. We don't think
that it has any "different" or stronger flavor-- like liver-- it's just a big
muscle with a little different texture because cardiac muscle is a little
different than skeletal muscle.

PS: our butcher just gives us the heart if we want it, so it's very cheap!!

From: Julie Jarvis on PaleoFood list. Posted 14 Feb 1999.
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