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Section: Organs: Other
Recipe: Fritada

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One medium onion
salt and pepper
Blood from the animal
6 cloves garlic
Small and large intestines

Open and scrub intestines with coconut or olive oil. Wash with boiling
water, vinegar and salt.  Wash liver and remove skin. Chop into small
pieces.  Cook all ingredients except the blood. When meat is cooked,
then add blood and stir. Add 1 cup cold water.

This is absolutely, unbelieveably delicious. At a fiesta, with 20 or so
cooks, the cooks eat all the fritada while working, leaving none for the
attendees who arrive later! It's their payment for their work.

A Guamanian recipe from a very old "Dorothy's Kitchen" column in the
Pacific Daily News, a Gannett newspaper.
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