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Chapter: Stuffings and Forcemeat Recipes
Section: Without Meat
Recipe: Adding Chestnuts to Stuffing

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Adding Chestnuts to Stuffing
You might try using chestnuts as part of a stuffing for roasted poultry,
particularly turkey. My Grandmother always added chestnuts to her stuffing.
It adds a very pleasant nuttiness to the stuffing. Cut the chestnuts in
half and boil them in water until tender then remove shells and inner peel
or boil in the intact shells with a cross hatch cut in the flat bottom to
aid peeling. Cool and crumble the pieces into a large mixing bowl. Add
sautéed ground meats and sausage, sautéed onions or shallots or garlic,
... egg and herbs and seasonings of your choice. Blend well and stuff.

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