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Section: Nut Soups and Porridges
Recipe: Nut Porridge Suggestion

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Nut Porridge Suggestion
Soak almonds in juice. Blend using only enough water to get the
consistency you want, then heat topped with berries or something?

Granted, that sounds rather expensive to me, except for an on-occasion type
of meal... perhaps you could increase the volume by adding one of the
higher fiber fruits or veggies puréed--in most cases, it would also add
sweetness... for example, banana would make it quite creamy and sweet,
pear or apple would add sweetness and bulk, but change the texture some...
canned/cooked pumpkin/winter squash (with some spices) can be made quite
smooth and creamy (assuming the kids enjoy orange porridge :)...

A bit of coconut milk will also help smooth things out.

By Dianne Heins. Posted to the PaleoRecipe Mailing List, Feb. 2001