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Chapter: Sausage Making Recipes
Section: Smoked
Recipe: Texas Smoky Links

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Texas Smoky Links
   2 lb Pork butt
   1 lb Beef chuck
   1 ts Ground coriander
   2 ts Ground cumin
   2 ts Chopped garlic
   1 tb Ground black pepper
   2 ts Red pepper flakes
 1/2 c  Ice water
   4 ts Salt
     pn Ground allspice
     pn Ground cloves

Grind pork 3/8 plate-beef 1/4" plate- mix and stuff in hog casings -
8"links. Hot smoke to 155 degrees F or cold smoke at least 12 hours.

Recipe By: John "Smoky" Mitchell
From: Garry Howard
MM by Helen Peagram. Posted to rec.food.preserving
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