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Chapter: Sausage Making Recipes
Section: Fresh
Recipe: Boudin (Sausage Making)

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Boudin (Sausage Making)
   1 lb Hog or beef blood (1 pint)
 1/2 lb Hog fat
 1/4 ts Salt
 1/4 ts Pepper
 1/2 ts Cayenne
 1/2    Garlic clove
   2    Onions

Mince the onions fine and fry them slightly in a small  piece of the hog
fat. Add the minced garlic. Hash and mince the remaining fat very fine and
mix it thoroughly with the beef blood. Mix the onions, spices and herbs.
When all mixed take the prepared casings or entrails and fill with the
mixture, being careful to tie the casing at the further end before
attempting to fill. Then tie the other end making the sausage into strings
of about two feet. Wash them thoroughly on the outside after filling and
then tie again in spaces of about three inches or less in length, being
careful not to make too long. Place them to cook in a pot of tepid water
never letting them boil as that would curdle the blood. Let them remain on
the slow fire till you can prick the sausage with a needle and no blood
will exude. Then take them out, let them dry and cool

Boudins are always fried in boiling lard. Some broil them, however.

Posted by Paul A. Meadows to rec.food.recipes on April 16, 1995.
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