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Chapter: Salad Recipes
Section: No Meat: Fruit
Recipe: Fruit Salad

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Fruit Salad
I took the juice of one lemon and put it in a large bowl with dried
currents, cranberries, white rasins, and chopped pecans. I allowed the
fruit to soak up the juice while I did the following. I peeled and
sectioned grapefruit and oranges, letting the juice drip into the bowl
with the lemon juice. Cut up a few different types of apples (red del.,
granny smith, macintosh) Cut up a few different types of grapes (globe,
concord, white) Then mixed the whole thing up It is colorful and sweet and
when placed at the front of the buffet (right next to the plates) people
put so much on their plate they don't have much room for the rest of
the junk.

From Tammy Young at RawTimes.com 3 Dec 1997.
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