My Pemmican Notes

My Pemmican Notes

Meat: Beef or bison. Grass-fed only. Round is a good cut.

Prepping: Remove all visible fat. To slice, use longest knife on partially frozen meat.

Drying: Better taste if not cooked. Use low temperature, e.g. 100F, and dry for several days. Having no moisture at all is required for long storage life.

Grinding: I've tried these ways:
- Meat Grinder. The best.
- Blender. Good. Best to break into small pieces.
- Food processor. Poor.

Suet: See my: Rendering Suet Step-by-Step

Mixing: This is by weight. I use 55% meat, 45% suet. Kent Multer recommends 60% meat, 40% suet.

Put in muffin tins.

See my pictures:
Making Jerky and then Pemmican
Rendering Suet and Making Pemmican

From: Don Wiss