Jerky Recipe

Jerky Recipe

We've made Jerky for years from beef and venison, and I believe this will work for almost any kind of meat.

We cut the meat into thin strips, the thinner the strips the crunchier the jerky comes out, maybe 1/4" thick will make chewy jerky. By the way, cut all the fat off the meat as you're stripping.

Lay out the strips on a cookie sheet lined with foil, turned up at the edges so juice won't get over everything. Lay out in rows and a single layer. Sprinkle liberally with black coarse ground pepper, or spices that you like the taste of.

Set the oven to WARM, and leave in the oven overnite, or 8-10 hrs. This causes very slow drying. Store in a plastic container, jar, or can after well cooled. Too much moisture left in the meat will cause mold, and putting it away while warm will cause sweating inside the container.

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