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Chapter: Meat Recipes: Lamb & Goat
Section: Slow Cooker (Crock Pot)
Recipe: Crockpot Leg of Lamb

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Crockpot Leg of Lamb
Take a half-leg of lamb (small enough to fit into your crockpot) and a
garlic bulb. Peel and thickly sliver 8-12 cloves of garlic (I used a
whole bulb). Use a sharp paring knife to make slits about an inch or
so apart all over the leg of lamb and stuff garlic slivers into the slits,
then put the lamb into the crockpot with a little water (maybe 1/3 c.). You
could sear the lamb in a pan first to brown it, but since I was starting
this very late at night I didn't bother and it was fine. Cook 5-6 hours on
auto-shift for fairly well-done lamb. Remove from crockpot, carve and
serve. Save broth, bones and leftovers for another dish (see following
recipe). I suppose you could also add chunks of carrots, etc to cook with
the leg of lamb. My father studs lamb with garlic the same way before
grilling on his Weber grill, and it's really fantastic.

From: jmni@midway.uchicago.edu (Jill M. Nicolaus)
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