Salmon Jerky Recipe

Salmon Jerky Recipe

I slice the filets in 1/2 cm thin slices leaving the skin on (most of the oil is underneath the skin so you don't waste it neither oxydise it that way ) put in the drier at body temperature and dry hard for storage and half dried for delicacy to eat on the spot.

No need for anything else that will spoil the taste that is superb on its own especially with coho or sockeye (the best species of salmon).

Dried that way the salmon keep its "instinctive stop" sharp and clear. If your body metabolism don't want salmon you will know it clearly if it want it the taste is sublime.

When you season you can bypass this instinctive response and eat something that will become a burden on your metabolism.

I am under the impression that putting salmon in Brine or lemon juice or whatever which interfere in the osmotic balance between inside and outside of the cells, will use up Enzymes as well as heat, triggering all kinds of chemical reactions altering the originel nutrient content. By adding honey or sugar even more so (proteins and sugars combine).

The oil is highly oxydable, so to store dry salmon keep in air tight jar inside the fridge in darkness.. (it is why it is so important to leave the skin on while drying .

Once dried insert a round ended knife between the skin and the flesh, you can easily separate the two and scrape the skin to get the fat layer. (The best when you need that kind of fat.)

From: jean-claude on the PaleoFood list. Posted 7 Aug 2000.
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