Roast Pheasant

Roast Pheasant

1 two- to three-pound pheasant
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 bay leaf
1 clove garlic
Few celery leaves
1 slice lemon
4 slices bacon

1. Preheat oven to moderate (350 degrees)

2. Sprinkle the pheasant inside and out with salt and pepper. Place the bay leaf, garlic, celery leaves and lemon in the cavity. Tie the legs together with string and turn the wings under.

3. Cover the breast with bacon. Place the pheasant, breast up, on a rack in a baking pan and roast until tender, about thirty minutes per pound, basting frequently with drippings.


Remove the pheasant to a warm serving platter and add one cup of broth to the pan. Stir over moderate heat, scraping loose the browned particles. Blend one tablespoons arrowroot with just enough water to combine and stir into the gravy bit by bit. When the gravy is thickened and smooth, add the cooked pheasant liver, finely chopped. 2 servings

Posted to by Pat Gold on June 20, 1995.
Adapted by Patti Vincent
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