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Chapter: Other Poultry (Turkey, Duck, Goose and Game Birds) Recipes
Section: Partridge
Recipe: Poached Partridges [England, 15th Century]

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Poached Partridges [England, 15th Century]
    4    Marrow bones
    2 lb To 2 1/2 lb partridge (or Quail)
    6    Peppercorns
         Oil for frying
2 1/2 c  Beef stock
  1   c  grape juice
  1   c  apple juice
  1/4 ts Ground cloves
  1/2 ts Mace
  1/8 ts Saffron
  1/2 ts Ginger
    1 tb Parsley; freshly chopped

Secure the cavities of the bird. Brown it in oil. Add the stock, juice,
cloves, and mace. Simmer for 1 1/2 hours, or until tender. Remove the bird,
carve, and keep warm. Add the saffron and ginger, simmer the sauce, letting
it reduce somewhat, until it is well coloured by the saffron. Check the

Pour the sauce over the bird and sprinkle with freshly chopped parsley and

Adapted by Patti Vincent
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