Deep Fried Quail

Deep Fried Quail

8 cloves garlic
2 centers lemon grass
1 T black pepper (crushed)
1/4 cup olive oil

This is rather low-rent, but my favorite quail dish is deep-fried. Take your birds and marinate them with garlic, lemon grass, black pepper (crushed) and oil overnight. Reduce marinade to a fine emulsion in a mortar and rub it into the quail (inside the body cavity, under the skins, etc.)

Allow them to come to room temperature, dry them off, and then deep fry them in oil. They'll puff up and then deflate. Cook them to your taste (either very crispy or not so). I serve them Vietnamese-style with salt and pepper powder (roast white peppercorns with salt and some lemon zest, then crush) and limes. Squeeze the lime on the quail, dip in salt/pepper combo, and eat. They are great served with pickled carrots and daikon (again, Vietnamese-style).

Your numbers may be slightly off. I would allow 3-4 quail per person (I tend to get very small birds). They are quite addictive served this way and you'll be surprised how many you end up eating (bones and all!)

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