Yak Cooking and Handling Tips

Yak Cooking and Handling Tips

Defrost meat. Do not attempt to cook frozen steaks on a high heat! Have meat at room temperature before cooking.

Marinade steaks in olive oil and sprinkle with salt and lemon pepper to taste. (I particularly enjoy Tellicherry Black Pepper. Redmond Salt is my favorite salt.)

Basic Braising: When braising, heat olive oil in pan, add finely chopped garlic or onion or leeks and then add steaks. Mushrooms are wonderful served over or with the yak steak. Braise, using a timer, until the blood just barely comes through to the upper part of the steak and then turn. Braise second side to the doneness you enjoy your steak, but avoid cooking until well done. Yak is best prepared to rare or at most medium rare. Depending on the thickness of the steak and the type of heat used, I use natural gas, one to two minutes each side cooks a good steak. When removed from the heat source, the steak will continue to cook in its own heat so be careful just how long you keep the steak over the heat and in the pan. Overdone or overcooked steaks can be dry.

There are as many ways to prepare a steak as there are people and taste buds!! Yak is delicately flavored. Leeks,chili powder, fresh chiles, tomatoes, mushrooms can all be sautéed and served over or as a side to the yak steak.

From: Taos Mountain Yak: Recipes
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