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Section: Rattlesnake
Recipe: Rattlesnake

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We usually add rattlesnake to chili. Treat rattlesnake as you would any
quick-cooking white meat (i.e., chicken, shellfish). Of course, everyone
will tell you it "tastes just like chicken". It is also very good deep
fried in a simple "breading." You might try looking for fried alligator
recipes too and adapt them for use with your snake. If your rattler is
still alive or in one piece, the following directions for dressing
rattlesnakes might be helpful:
1.    Place dead rattlesnake on a cutting board and hold firmly behind the
2.    Cut off head and rattles and discard.
3.    Strip of skin and discard or save (for a hat band maybe?)
4.    Make along slice along the underside and remove all internal organs.
5.    Cut into chunks and refrigerate or freeze until ready to use.

From: L Hodge in rec.food.cooking on July 28, 1998.
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