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Section: Rattlesnake
Recipe: Grilled Rattlesnake with Mojo Criollo

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Grilled Rattlesnake with Mojo Criollo
It's so strange that I actually have some rattlesnake recipes! We actually
cooked up a rattler at a friend's house (he lives way out in the Mojave
desert of California and has tons of those things crawling around his yard).
After cutting off its head and skinning and gutting it, we marinated the
snake in Mojo Criollo, a Cuban marinating sauce consisting of lots of garlic
and sour orange juice. We allowed it to marinate for a couple of hours, then
we grilled it. Muy delicioso! I usually buy bottled Mojo in the store, but
in the Marinade section is a recipe that's pretty close to the bottled

From: Staca Hiatt in rec.food.recipes on Oct 29, 1998.
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