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Chapter: Fish: Other Recipes
Section: Stove Top
Recipe: Steamed Chinese Style Fish

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Steamed Chinese Style Fish
1. Use fish chunks or whole fish.
2. Cut shallow slices into fish and insert garlic slices.
3. Place in top of steamer or on lettuce leaves in top of steamer. [I've
also used a wok: place wooden chopsticks across bottom of wok and a
heat-proof dish on chopsticks. Water in wok underneath chopsticks] Fish on
plate and cover.]
4. Place sliced green onions over fish and any other seasoning wanted.
5. When fish is tender/soft/flaking remove and quickly pour sauce over.
6. Sauce: While fish is steaming warm 1/2 c.oil and 1/2 c. soy
sauce together,add chopped/sliced/mashed garlic..however you like it.
7. Add fresh sliced green onions to serve.

From: yoyo (yoyo9 at PACBELL.NET)
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