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Chapter: Fish: Other Recipes
Section: Stove Top
Recipe: Sole

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Sole is a very delicate fish and I have found that it can become gross and
sort of mucous-y when cooked, which is why the best way to cook it is to
dredge in something and pan fry.
From: Richard Geller

I used dried dill "powder" for dredging for my "stromming" (baltic herring)
today, it worked fine. Fried in olive oil. The pan not too hot.
From: Hans Kylberg

I coat the sole in mayonnaise and dip in ground almonds or filberts, then
fry in your preferred fat. Lightly sprinkle on some dillweed.
From: Snowlight

Try using chestnut flour, if you can find it. Here, I've located it in
Italian and Middle Eastern stores.
From: JoAnn Betten

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