Istarska Fritaja OR Istrian Frittata

Istarska Fritaja OR Istrian Frittata

A small handful of wild or regular asparagus
a little water
4 eggs
2 thick slices prosciutto, cut into pieces

To prepare the shoots of wild asparagus, gently bend the shoot and then break it where it's hard, and unbending. This part is very woody, and difficult to eat, but can be used to make asparagus stock. Cut the shoots into about 3 - 5 cm pieces.

Warm the oil in a wide pan, and then add asparagus pieces to it. Cook on a low heat, until softened. Add a little water. This will evaporate quickly, and steam the asparagus slightly.

When the asparagus is al dente, add the prosciutto pieces to it, and cook until the prosciutto is cooked, and it changes colour. Then add the eggs, and cook, stirring, until the eggs have set.

SOURCE: As seen on TV. CUISINE: Croatian. From: Maninas: Food Matters
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