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Section: Stove Top: Mediterranean
Recipe: Moussaka Meat Sauce

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Moussaka Meat Sauce
1 tablespoon oil
1 pound lean ground beef
salt to taste
ground black pepper to taste
2 onions, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon fines herbs
2 tablespoons dried parsley
1 (8 ounce) can tomato sauce
1/2 cup red wine

In a large skillet over medium heat, add the oil and add the ground beef,
salt and pepper to taste, onions, and garlic. After the beef is browned,
sprinkle in the cinnamon, nutmeg, fines herbs and parsley. Pour in the
tomato sauce and wine, and mix well. Simmer for 20 minutes.

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