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Chapter: Party Appetizers and Snacks Recipes
Section: Pâté Recipes
Recipe: Liver Pate

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Liver Pate
Chicken fat (just pull the fat from the thighs or legs or any where you see
the yellow fat attached to the skin). About a half hand full.
1 onion finely chopped, plus 2 or so minced for garnish
1 pound chicken livers
2 hard boiled eggs, plus 2 for garnish

Render the chicken fat over medium heat in a frying pan-DO NOT brown the
fat, just cook very slowly until the fat has been cooked out of the chicken
skin. Discard the skin. Gently boil the livers and cool-save some of the
liquid. Saute the onions in some of the chicken fat. Cool. Everything
should be cool before processing. Put all ingredients EXCEPT cooled fat
into a food processor and mix. Slowly add the fat and some of the reserved
broth from the livers to desired texture. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve
with the additional onions and chopped, boiled eggs.

From: Jan in rec.food.cooking on Feb 11, 1999.
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