Pounded Yam Recipe (using Yam Flour)

Pounded Yam Recipe (using Yam Flour)

Pounded yam flour - about 600grams
4 cups of water

Bring water to boil in a cooking pot. Once boiling, sprinkle pounded yam flour into the boiling water, and stir the ensuing dough until your desired texture is obtained.

Sprinkle about a quarter cup of water on the dough, and cover the pot in low heat and allow dough to simmer. Need dough thoroughly with the wooden spatula to desired smoothness.

Serve with vegetable and fish or meat stew (egusi or ogbono or edikaekon, or banga soup).

The pounded yam recipe presented here is how it is commonly done with ready made pounded yam flour. If you prefer the pounded yam to come out soft, just add water piece-meal and stir.

From: African Foods: The Home of African Foods in the UK
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