Nigerian Boiled Yam

Nigerian Boiled Yam

It is prepared without any added ingredients thereby leaving you with a wide range of sauces and stews to eat it with.

Boiled yam can be eaten with Tomato Stew, Vegetable Sauce, Pepper Sauce, fried egg or egg omelette.

White Yam - As much as you can eat.
Salt to taste (Optional)

1. Cut the yam tuber into 1 inch slices.

2. Peel and cut the slices into half moons. You can leave it circular if you want. This does not make a difference to the recipe at all.

3. Wash the slices, place in a pot and pour water to cover the contents.

4. Boil till the yam is soft. This is when you can easily drive a fork into the slices without resistance.

5. Add salt and leave to cook for about 2 minutes. This is so that the salt will seep into the yam slices.

6. Turn off the heat and drain the water.

From: Your Free Guide to Cooking Nigerian Food
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