Jackfruit Chips/Chakkavaruthathu

Jackfruit Chips/Chakkavaruthathu

Raw Jackfruit: Cut into thin strips, approximately 1 kg or smaller quantity for a one time snack.
Coconut oil: About half litre or as needed.
Salted water: About 1/3 cup or less
Turmeric: 1/2 tsp (optional) I did not use, I wanted to bring out the natural colour of the fruit.

Mix salt, turmeric with water to make a solution and keep aside. Oil your knife (preferably coconut oil) because the fruit has sticky latex. Cut the jack fruit into two. Cut off the middle stem, preferably triangularly and remove it. It might be sticky...grease your hands with coconut oil and oh! please put a newspaper underneath so that your kitchen counter will not get sticky.

Now with both hands give it a nice stretch and you can see the fruits are not sticking together. Just pull out each one.

Slit open the each fruit and take out the seed otherwise known as chakkakuru (which can be used to make tasty curries..I love them). You can trim off the edges and use it to make chakka curry.

Heat coconut oil and put it on the hot oil, give it a stir on and off. When the sizzling sound reduce just put in a tsp of salted water please step back as the oil will bubble up making a hissing sound, again give it a stir.

Strain the chips onto a paper towel. Fry the remaining fruit in the similar way.

Store it in air tight container. This will keep fresh for weeks.

From: Cooking Is Easy blog by Nisa
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