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Chapter: Pies and Pie Crust Recipes
Section: Pie Crusts
Recipe: Catherine Ryan's Pie Crust

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Catherine Ryan's Pie Crust
1 cup pitted dates
2 cups pecans, pistachios and almonds mixture
1 cup almonds
2 TBS orange juice

Grind the one cup of almonds (other nuts are too oily) in clean, dry food
processor until fairly fine power. Stop grinding way before nuts start to
turn buttery. Set Aside. Put remaining two cups of three-nut mixture into
food processor. Grind until fine enough that they just barley begin to get
some nut-butter sticking on the sides of the machine. Add dates and mix a
very long time. Mix will eventually start to ball up as the oils start to
pull out of the ground nuts. Finally, with machine still running, add
orange juice. The clumps of mixture will suddenly ball up in one solid,
rich mass. Put the set aside ground almond powder into strainer/sifter and
shake powder over wax paper. Put entire ball of nut/date mixture in center.
Press down. Sprinkle more nut powder over top. Put another sheet of wax
paper on top. Roll out with rolling pin into size big enough to fit pie
pan. Pull off wax paper from top side of crust. Sprinkle almond powder in
pie tin. Turn date/nut crust over into pan. Pull off last sheet of wax
paper. Gently press into pie pan, trimming off excess. Dust the rim of the
pie crust with remaining almond powder. Fill with raw pie mixture:
apple-raspberry, pumpkin, banana-carob creme, California lime, etc. A
coffe/nut grinder can be used to gind nuts instead, then all other material
can be run though Champion juicer for similar results if a food processor
isn't available; but filling will not be as smooth. Try adding raw carob
earlier on in the processing, for variety. Also, you can put spoon-sized
balls of mixture into freezer for great candy.

From The Rawsome News, March-April 97
Via RawTimes.com 23 Mar 97