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Chapter: Pemmican Recipes: New and Old
Section: Modern Recipes
Recipe: Pemmican Recipe, According to Ray

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Pemmican Recipe, According to Ray
I make pemmican by grinding up several lbs of dehydrated eye of round
slices with a handfull of dried cherries in a food processor or blender
(or between rocks if you're a purist). The meat should dried until
brittle to facilitate grinding and eliminate any moisture which could
facilitate bacteria or mold. To this I add tallow until the dried
meat is totally saturated. It's then done. Total time (apart from
dehydrating meat) 15 minutes.
I save tallow from broiling (cheap) hamburger during the previous week. I
leave the broiling pan in the oven after the burgers are done for about
10 minutes at 350 then leave it in the warm oven until I do the dishes.
I then srain out the tallow into a bowl. As it now contains no water, it
dries hard and white (it can be substituded for wax in making candles).
If kept dry, pemmican will keep longer than you will live. Beware of
condensation in airtight containers. I keep mine in a cassarole dish
with a loose fitting glass lid on top of (not in) the refrigerator.

From: Ray Audette, author of NeanderThin: A Caveman's Guide to Nutrition
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