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Chapter: Meat Recipes: Lamb & Goat
Section: Stove Top: Stew
Recipe: Lamb Stew

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Lamb Stew
All done in a frypan on medium heat

1 tsp sunflower oil in frypan
1 onion cut up
1 cup hot water
One large carrot
Broccoli, or whatever vegetables you are able to eat.
Your favourite seasonings.

While onion is frying lightly, cut up lamb steak in cubes. Take off any
Fry lamb with onion.
1 cup hot water - pour over lamb.
Cover frypan and simmer.
Slice carrots, put in fry pan and simmer 10 minutes.
Put in pieces of broccoli, or whatever vegetables you are able to eat.
Season with your favourite seasonings.
Cook until tender (about 10-15 minutes on low, not simmer, heat).

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