Frozen Raw Birthday Cake

Frozen Raw Birthday Cake

1 Bunt Cake Pan
16 oz. of dried organic figs, soaked overnight in distilled water*
16 oz. of dried pitted organic dates, soaked overnight in distilled water*
12 oz. bag of organic almonds
2 big bunches fully ripe bananas (organic if possible)

* Soak fruit in separate bowls. The water level for soaking is about half full. Do not cover the dried fruits completely. Remove stems from soaked figs, purée figs and set aside. Purée dates put in separate bowl, chop almonds in food processor or blender and set aside in its own container. Peel and purée the bananas in a blender or food processor.

To Build the Cake:
Place almonds in the bottom of the mold; 2nd layer, puréed figs; 3rd layer almonds; 4th layer puréed bananas, almonds, dates, almond, figs or whatever order you desire. Almonds should be the first layer and end with dates or figs the last layer. Cover and freeze overnight.

To Serve:
Remove from the freezer, place upside down on a plate and allow to sit a few minutes until thawed enough to release from the pan. Can be carefully set in warm water just long enough to release the cake, being very careful not to get water in the cake. This cake has so many possibilities. Use strawberries and blueberries for a beautiful, healthy 4th of July cake. Any of your favorite fruits can be used to make a new family tradition!

From Gracie Gordon, Hallelujah Diet
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