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Chapter: Baked Fish Recipes [Fish: Baked]
Section: Without Tomatoes
Recipe: Baked Fish with Garlic Gravy

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Baked Fish with Garlic Gravy
cod or haddock or salmon or halibut
lemon juice
olive oil
black pepper
dried Italian herb seasoning
garlic, chopped or garlic powder

Put the fish in a suitable oven or microwave dish. Squeeze some lemon juice
and olive oil on top. Add some black pepper, herbs and garlic.

Then just bake on about 350F. It's not all that important. Or microwave on
half power until really you just see that the fish is cooked.

If you have time to marinade the fish beforehand in the fridge, all the
better, but it's not that important.

You get a really good liquid with this that can be eaten with vegetables.

Also good cold, especially salmon.

I have now made this recipe with even slower cooking, say on 10% power for
about 30 minutes, and it gives a lovely soft cooked salmon that is also
good cold with mayo.

By ann teapot. From: Food.com