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Chapter: Fish: Other Recipes
Section: Raw
Recipe: Ceviche

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   1 lb Red snapper fillets
   7    Limes, juiced
   2 md Tomatoes
   4    Serrano chiles
 1/4 c  Olive oil
 1/2 ts Salt, or to taste
 1/2 ts Oregano
        Pepper, to taste

   1 sm Avocado, sliced
   1 sm Onion, sliced into rings
        Cilantro, minced

Cut the fish into small cubes, about 1/2 inch, and cover them with
the lime juice. Set the fish aside in the bottom of refrigerator for
at least five hours or until the fish loses its transparent look and
becomes opaque. Stir the pieces from time to time so they get evenly
cooked in the juice.

Skin, seed and chop the tomatoes; chop the chiles with their seeds,
and add them with the rest of the ingredients to the fish.

Set the ceviche aside in the bottom of the refrigerator for at least
1 hour to season. Serve it chilled, but not so cold that the oil
congeals. Before serving, garnish each portion with slices of avocado
and onion rings and sprinkle with a little cilantro. Serves 6.

From: Mr. Bill in rec.food.cooking on Dec 16, 1998.
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