Myra's Schmaltz

Myra's Schmaltz

For the unintiated, schmaltz is chicken fat rendered with onions. Way back before margarine was invented, rendered chicken or goose fat was used instead of butter for meat meals. Schmaltz adds the most wonderful flavor to foods, and we lowcarbers can count ourselves lucky that we can indulge! I recommend using it in other recipes where called for.

3-4 cups raw chicken fat and skins
1 medium onion, finely chopped

In a skillet over moderate heat, cook the chicken fat and skin pieces until the fat liquifies out and the solid pieces shrink and become golden brown. Add the onion and cook until the skins and onion are very crisp and dark brown (but not burned). Remove from heat. Remove the crispy bits with a slotted spoon (see note). Stir and let stand until cool, but still liquid. Pour into a glass jar or container and keep in the refrigerator or freezer. Will keep almost indefinitely. Makes about 1 cup schmaltz.

NOTE: The leftover crispy bits are called "griebenes," and are the Jewish version of fried pork rinds, so enjoy them as a snack (I always do!).

From Betty (tguyer at JUNO.COM)