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Chapter: Candy and Confection Recipes
Section: Without Carob
Recipe: Almond Stuffed Dates

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Almond Stuffed Dates
A "sugary" treat that seems paleo enough is gooey dates, each with a
roasted almond shoved inside. We did this over Christmas, and I ate these
(mostly) instead of tempting cookies and things. We used raw, unsalted
whole almonds, and roasted them ourselves.

Roast them on medium-high heat dry, right in a frying pan. Just sit there
and watch them carefully to make sure they don't burn, moving them around
and stuff. Then cool, and shove one each inside a date. I like the gooiest
dates for this. Very tasty, and not too caloric if you only eat a few! BTW
- these are good for potassium and fiber, and trace minerals like calcium,
zinc, etc.

Also, the oven would work just fine. I might use the broiler in this case,
but still watch very carefully. When done, they might have the slightest
hint of black on the spot where they touched the metal - no biggie.

From: James Crocker