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Chapter: Blender Recipes: Fruit and Raw Vegetables
Section: Puddings
Recipe: Hans' Summer "Ice Cream"

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Hans' Summer "Ice Cream"
Now you don't have to be jealous on friends cooling down with some ice cream
in the summer heat any more: Just take some berries out of your freezer (or
the supermarket freezer) put in the food processor/blender and turn around
until you have something like berry-snow. Then put in one (or more) fresh
egg, and go on with the blender until thoroughly mixed. You will have to
find out the ultimate proportions yourself, it depends on what berries. Eat
at once. I have got the best results so far with lingons. Strawberries I
cut in smaller pieces before putting in the blender. If you want it
sweeter, add a little raw honey together with the egg.

From: Hans Kylberg
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