Unorthodox Pizza How-To [PaleoRecipe List, Feb. 2001]

Unorthodox Pizza How-To [PaleoRecipe List, Feb. 2001]

I mixed up some ground beef, veal and a bit of turkey sausage for the "dough", (an egg would be great too), added some herbs and a bit of tomato sauce, pressed it into two 8-inch round cake pans, pierced it several times with a fork, and baked it at 375 until it began to brown, then I spooned on some sauce to cover generously and gave it a pile of veggies. Some chopped walnuts or pine nuts can go on in the last few minutes of baking, flavor somewhat resembles parmesan.

I suppose I must not be the first to think of this. If any listers here have any great "pizza" recipes made in this fasion, please post! An old favorite that I'd love to reinterpret is taco pizza. I also think it would be great to have some veggies baked in the crust, like shredded carrots or zucchini, as well as those that are on top (broccoli, onions, mushrooms, olives...)
By Stacie Tolen.

How about a "crust" made from a combination of ground chicken or turkey, ground almonds and egg... top with a non-cheese pesto, chopped spinach, mushrooms, cooked shrimp, red onion...
By Dianne Heins.

When I make pizza, I just use a meat crust. Mix your favorite ground meat with Italian seasonings, top with your favorite sauce, tomato or otherwise, top with cheese if you can eat it, and fresh veggies. I use a cookie sheet to make a huge square meat pizza. Kids love it! Press the ground meat into a 13x9" cookie sheet, pre-bake the meat crust at 375° for 30 minutes or so, drain grease is needed, add toppings and sauce, bake again for another 15 minutes and viola, pizza! One 13x9 inch cookies sheet pizza feeds my family of 5, served with a nice salad.
By Trish Tipton.

What about a pesto? I'd think oil, pine nuts and fresh herbs would work. That on a mushroom cap with meat sounds mighty good!
By Dori Zook.

I have made pizza bites with baby bellas, stems removed, using tomato sauce but it would be wonderful with pesto instead. We always use bulk italian sausage and grated veggies in our pizza bites. They are a good party food/appetizer.
By Stacie Tolen.
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