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Section: Stove Top: US/European
Recipe: Lindströms (Almost) Paleo Burger

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Lindströms (Almost) Paleo Burger
Pickled capers aren't paleo, are they? But they are absolutely necesary for
the true character of this dish, I think. The original even calls for
boiled potatoes, pickled beetroots and salted cucumber! These burgers are
normally fried in a pan, not grilled, since it's a bit tricky to get them
to hold together.

1 lb. minced beef (or Swedish style half'n'half beef/pork)
2-3 raw eggs (to bind the dough)
3 boiled beetroots, medium sized/mashed
2 tbsp pickled capers, chopped
1 onion, small/finely chopped or possibly grated
1 dl water
Paprika-powder and white and black peppercorn-powder to taste

For a less traditional Lindström add finely chopped anchovetas and/or
chopped olives to the dough!

Mix the lot into a patty-dough adding only as much of the water as is
needed (the dough will be rather moist), make 4 large burgers, fry or grill
2-4 mins/side, the burger will remain forever blood-red on the inside!
Side dish suggestions: green sallad, grilled tomatos and onions, boiled
broccoli, fried egg and more capers on top. And mustard!! Meat-patties are
truly a most versatile dish and this one is a KILLA!

By Erik Fridén. Posted to the PaleoRecipe Mailing List, June 2003
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