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Chapter: Party Appetizers and Snacks Recipes
Section: Pork Skin and Fat
Recipe: Chad's Cajun Cracklin

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Chad's Cajun Cracklin
For preparing my Cajun Cracklin Recipe you should use a cast iron pot and 
the deeper the better. A 3-5 gal pot will be adequate for this recipe.

1 gallon of Lard (or vegetable oil)
5-6 lbs of Pork Belly (skin attached and cubed 1" x 1")
Should yield approximately 1 lb of cracklins
Chad's All Out Seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic, onion, paprika, lemon 
powder, celery seed, clove)
Purchasing this cut of pork may require a phone call to the local butcher. 
Secondly, you may have to cut up the pork belly. I recommend cutting it up 
in a semi frozen state. It is much easier since pork belly is very fatty 
and just a mess at room temp.

To get started, heat grease to 350 degrees. Add cubed pork a little at a 
time to control an overreaction with the grease. Be sure no water or ice is
present, as it will not mix well hot grease! This will temper the grease, 
so keeping high available is a must. Keep a grease thermometer handy and 
track the grease back to 350 degrees and maintain.

At this point, stirring of the meat pieces is necessary until the pork is 
rendered. The goal is not to allow the meat to stick to the bottom. The 
pieces of meat will shrink down considerably and fit nicely in the pot once
they cook for a while. Don't be concerned if their appears to be to little 
oil for frying. 5 lbs of pork bellies will yield only about a 1 lb of 
edible crackling!

The pork should fry for about 50-55 minutues until golden brown then you 
must "pop" the skin on the pork. This the most important part of the 
process! This part will determine if your cracklins will have that crunchy 
outer that every one loves.

Too "pop" the skin you should crank up the heat on the oil (up to 375 
degrees) and listen for the "popping" sounds. 5-6 minutes of popping is 
adequate, then turn off the heat to the oil, as not to burn the crackilin 
or the oil. Have a paper towel lined pan ready and remove the cracklin from
the oil. Season with Cajun seasoning and shake pan vigorously to coat all 
pieces of meat. Let cool before eating. The cracklins will not get crunchy 
until cooling takes place.

From: Cajun Food Specialties
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